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The OpenSees development for modelling 'structures in fire' was first started at University of Edinburgh in 2009. A number of students and researchers worked on this long-term project with their own contributions which enable OpenSees to perform analyses for 'structure in fire' including heat transfer ,thermo-mechanical analyses, and integrated analyses. [See it on Researchgate Project] [OpSees for fire Roadmap]

Check our specific topics of OpenSees for fire:
Heat Transfer -|- Hybrid Fire Testing -|- OpenFire

A number of web pages are constructed to offer the users a detailed guidance to the recently added capabilities within OpenSees

The onoging and the past Workshops of OpenSees for fire introducing the latest development and features

A detailed description of all the new or modified classes developed for enabling thermomehcanical analyses in OpenSees.

Relevent publications to OpenSees for fire development can be found from the above section

The executable file for OpenSees for fire can be downloaded on this page. The version is updated frequently

If you encounter any problems when using OpenSees for fire,please leave your messages on the "issues" board.

Here you can find our work on OpenSees TO for topology optimization.

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